The Site/Webcomic

I just found this site… can you give me a quick summary?

Right now RuneSpark is still early on in its lifespan, so if I were to try to post even a quick summary it’d result in either spoilers, or a pretty nonsensical “Well, things are about to happen.”  Don’t worry – I’ll update this when I’ve hit enough comic strips.

Why do you call RuneSpark a “technomagical” comic?  What is technomagic?

Traditionally, “technomagic” refers to a theme in which people of its setting use technology so advanced, it’s perceived as magic.  I have to admit that in this sense, RuneSpark doesn’t actually fall into that category; instead, its theme centers around technological and magical worlds coming together and discovering one another, like two people from radically different backgrounds.



Why did you remake Punk-Pink?

The short story is, it was just too much for me.  The long story… the whole thing was drawn on big, 11×17 comic pages, and done in full color.  This took a lot of time, and making any more than 1 comic page would take up more free time than I had.  The story didn’t help – after roughly 150 pages, I had barely even scratched the surface of what was going on with these characters!  With all these factors combined, it would have taken years just to give my readers a moderate understanding of the story as a whole.  Ultimately, the project collapsed under its own weight; RuneSpark was made as a reboot with all of these oversights in mind.

Why make it more cartoonish and… kiddie?

This was actually the result of several different decisions coming together.  Obviously it’s easier to draw with the more simplified style, but also, with Punk-Pink!, I had never really decided on a “final” look for the comic; it constantly changed and evolved as my own abilities did, making it extremely inconsistent in appearance.  RuneSpark’s new style was designed to be more consistent, staying at a level of my own drawing ability that will surely evolve over time, but hopefully not at such a rate that it’ll be almost recognizable a year from now, for example.  I also decided to go for a more family-friendly story, because… well, I didn’t really think the more mature themes of the original were necessary.

With as many downtimes as Punk-Pink! had, what makes you think you can keep up with a Monday-Friday update schedule?

Well, as we all know the future isn’t set in stone… but the major difference between Punk-Pink’s development cycle and RuneSpark’s is that Punk-Pink!’s was designed around a timeframe that just wasn’t realistic for me.  RuneSpark, however, should accommodate for my own personal life while still giving me the time to slowly build up a buffer.